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DFW Whiskey Club raises over $10,000 for Honor Flight Kentucky

DFW Whiskey Club members, once again, stepped up to help the great men and women of the Honor Flight Kentucky foundation. This year we helped raise over $10,000 for their program. We are grateful to all our members for helping such a wonderful cause.

From the foundation: “Our mission is to fly World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to Washington DC for a one-day, all-expenses-paid visit to the memorials that are dedicated to their service and sacrifices.

“Being with so many people who know what you know and feel what you feel was truly cathartic. To say it was a day I will treasure for the rest of my life is an understatement.” – Vietnam Veteran

Our nation is losing more than 1,500 World War II veterans and more than 500 Korean War veterans every day.  Our goal is to take as many of these brave heroes from Central, Eastern, and Southern Kentucky to see their memorials before they pass away.  More than 500 veterans are on our waiting list for flights next year. Our focus on every component is for the safety and comfort of the participants, and we orient each aspect to create a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We are able to offer an Honor Flight Kentucky experience to these heroes thanks to the generous support and sponsorship of individuals and corporations right here in Kentucky. If you or your company is interested in learning more about partnering with HFK, you can find more information here.

There are plenty of opportunities to participate with us as we honor our heroes. One way is by showing up for our “Welcome Home” event following the landing of an Honor Flight. We line the corridor of Blue Grass Airport with flags, signs, and most importantly with the presence of patriotism as we offer our gratitude for the service of these veterans, often times offering them the “Welcome Home” they’ve never received.”