Bourbon Banter

Barrel Releases at Angels

What a day! We had an amazing time this past Saturday as the much anticipated first releases of 2020 were dropped from DFW Whiskey Club! We couldn't have been happier with the barrels we picked, the camaraderie among the members and the amazing customer service that Angels Beverage gave us.

We had 4 "official" releases along with a few Easter eggs from releases past. Eagle Rare, 1792 Full Proof, Joseph Magnus 13yr MGP Unfinished and a 10+ year old Kentucky Spirit were our official releases. DFWWC Old Weller Antiques were also hidden throughout the store, Weller 12, EHTaylor Single Barrel as well as a couple of cases of our Knob Creek "Crash Wagon" Rye, Makers Mark pick, Larceny pick and the wonderful DFWWC 4Roses pick were sprinkled in as well.

Patrons started lining up at the door at 7am! The admins from DFW Whiskey Club spent Friday evening placing all the "Tater Stickers" on the bottles and helped Angels to arrange the store for what we were anticipating to be a very busy day. We knew we wouldn't want to be there early on Saturday trying to get all the stickers on before doors opened. The admins and Donny (Angels Store Owner) brought breakfast sandwiches and donuts for everyone in line. Our legendary shirtless chugs ambassador, Rusty, even showed up and immediately lost the shirt and started handing out handshakes. The energy was high and when the clock struck 10am we opened the gates!

Member after member made his/her way into the store and hunted down the anticipated picks. Little did they know that the Easter eggs were hiding. Once the word was out the hunt was on. One of the DFWWC Old Weller Antiques was one of the last ones to be found! It was so much fun!  We even had Girl Scout cookies for everyone to enjoy!

The DFWWC admins also try to always take care of the top 20 members in the club. This is based off quantity of activity, type of activity / content and overall involvement within the club. We tend to run these reports from Facebook Analytics for a 30 or 60 day period and then assess even deeper from there.

Those people that received the "Top 20" direct message had their picks set aside and on hold so they were sure to get the bottles they wanted. There were also a few "above and beyond" people that were able to select one bottle of their choice to be held because of their over the top contributions to the group. We feel this is a great incentive to keep members active and to contribute quality content to the group. Members seem to really enjoy this and it's a fun competition month to month.

The reviews are coming in! People have already cracked these open and the members are telling the tale. Surprisingly, the Joseph Magnus seems to be the favorite so far. We anticipated the Eagle Rare to be the favorite since it is a sweet and complex expression of Mashbill 1 juice and it is at the most affordable price point. However, the J.A.M., Kentucky Spirit and 1792 Full Proof have all gathered many votes as the favorite. Even if you're a high proof kind of sipper, the Eagle Rare and Kentucky Spirit keep you coming back for more. The J.A.M. and 1792 offer up deep, complex flavors and wonderful mouthfeel. All the pours are awesome and we are so happy with how everything turned out.

We hope you were able to get a bottle you wanted and we look forward to the #SickInvite on Feb. 1st happening at Turning Point Brewery. See you then!